Start dermatoloog in opleiding in KCMC

AIOS dermatology in KCMC (PDF file with photo’s)
Arrival and Registration
After connecting two flights I arrived in Moshi on 15th November 2020 at around 5pm local time. A taxi took me from KIA to the hostels where I met the warden for a possible accommodation. A very friendly warden, who told me that hostels were fully booked, welcomed me.
Because it was late and I knew no one I pleaded with him if he could give me a room for just a night so that I can sort out myself the following day. He was kind enough to give me a free room.
The following day was Monday 16th, the registration week. I introduced myself at the RDTC and I attended a morning handover. It was my pleasure to meet Prof. Masenga, a very humble man.
Together with the new Advanced Diploma in Dermatology students, we were oriented in the department before I was referred to KCMUCo.
This week I failed to register because tuition fee was not yet reflecting in the College’s bank account. The Postgraduate accountant, Mr. John Mongi (Died on 25/02/2021) was so nice to me, he allowed me to attend classes though the tuition payment did not reflect in the college’s account. Later in the second week I managed to register.

The College Environment
The KCMC and KCMUCo is celebrating 50 years of existence. They are in the same campus surrounded by a variety of businesses. Banks and restaurants are within reach. The college has its own restaurant that caters for the students, staff and outsiders. The restaurant is operational during weekdays only.

School calendar has been divided into 3 parts, foundation, Basic medical science and specialty related teaching. Currently we are doing basic medical sciences where by all MMEDs programs are in one class.

KCMUCo has enrolled around 200 postgraduate students, which is 4 times more than usual enrollment. This has led to the shortage of classrooms.
All postgraduates started with 10 weeks foundation classes (Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research methods, Research Management & Leadership, and teaching methodology), followed by 5 weeks of basic medical science.
All assignments are being done in groups due to large number of students.

Accommodation & Transport
The college has hostels that were offered on first come first served basis but priority has been given to undergraduates. I managed to secure a private accommodation 3.5km away from the college. The accommodation has good security. Two more students from my class put up in the same rooms. The transport system is the Tuk Tuk, motorbike taxi and sometimes I walk. When it’s raining, I use a hired Tuk Tuk because I fail to get into the road to find the shunting ones.

In summary, I would say that I have started well and settled well. Its my first time to study outside my country so I’m learning quite a lot. I’m so grateful for the financial support from the Skin Foundation.
I’m so happy to be here to fulfill my childhood dream. It will be my pleasure to become a dermatologist and join the two colleagues back home in the profession.

Posted by Göran van Rooijen